Ambrosia Maple Floating Shelves with Bracket

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Renatus Living introduces a natural element into your home with our handcrafted shelving.  The fact is humans are healthier both mentally and physically when surrounded by natural materials and settings.  It is a known fact that human’s function and feel better when surrounded by nature, yet in our homes and offices we separate ourselves from nature.  The choice to use man-made materials like concrete, plastics (vinyl, laminate), polyester carpet, drywall, steel, etc. takes a measurable toll on our health, our children’s, and pet’s health, as well as the planet’s health.

Renatus Living features handcrafted shelves made from new high-quality wood, and each piece is sealed with Loba WS Easyfinish.

Renatus Living makes our shelving, the same way we make our furniture, with more than one piece of wood glued together to obtain the depth. We do this to prevent warping and/or bowing that can occur in boards that are naturally deep, therefore you may have varying grain patterns and character on each shelf.

Our standard available sizes:

  • 24" long x (7” or 11") deep x 1 3/4" thick
  • 36" long x (7” or 11") deep x 1 3/4" thick
  • 48" long x (7” or 11") deep x 1 3/4" thick

Renatus Living floating shelf brackets MUST be mounted into wall studs. Our brackets are designed to be able to hit any and every stud that falls behind the bracket. Made from 3/16" steel and professionally welded, these brackets (mounted to studs) will hold over 100 lbs - much more weight and are more functional than decorative-only floating shelf brackets. The 4” rod length is perfect for the 7” floating shelf depth and the 6” rod length is perfect for the 11” shelf depth.

Renatus ships within 4 - 6 weeks.

Matching custom mantels are also available in Torched Oak, Walnut, Mushroom Board, White Oak, Ambrosia Maple, and Ash.

Do you need custom sizes or corner shelving, etc? Please request a quote!