About Renatus

Lisa’s story began in 2014, while designing outdoor furniture for her home. She wanted the space to be a place for family and friends to gather and relax, a place to heal, protect, and make you feel at peace. Her love for design and creation led her to an opportunity to build outdoor furniture for others to enjoy. That was the easy part, the real challenge was finding the right wood. With a pickup truck and a dream, she set out on her journey.

Renatus, Latin for rebirth, does not just reference the rebirth of our storied products, but also that of heritage. Renatus began from a need to find unique, quality wood to build outdoor furniture. This search opened many doors for Lisa which led her down the same path as her ancestors who were craftsmen and sawmill owners in their times. From these first connections, she started supplying quality lumber to wholesalers along the East Coast... Renatus was born. 

More recently, her focus shifted to teaming with architects and designers to provide one-of-a-kind products specially tailored to each project.  Lisa and her team keep in close contact with clients while out in the field to track down and procure the perfect wood for their projects.

Meet Colin Barbalace, the designer behind Renatus Living.  He started his career as an Engineer and Project Manager for multiple fortune 500 companies, in addition to spending years supervising the design and construction of luxury homes.  In the search for a more family-friendly lifestyle, Colin left the corporate world and started a luxury furniture company in Charleston, SC, focused on alternative materials, and engineer-inspired designs.

Colin uses his diverse and technical background to design products with a focus on precision, sustainability, and ergonomic excellence, while making sure to always show off the natural beauty of the materials used.

In 2021, Lisa and Colin met to consult with one another about a current project.  The synergy was instantly recognized, and they started teaming up on every occasion they could.  It didn’t take long before they realized that with Lisa’s roots in the world or sustainable lumber, and Colin’s passion for design, that they could create truly amazing products that haven’t been readily accessible to the general public ever before.  In 2022, Renatus Living was born, bringing exquisitely sourced and designed, American-made décor, to your home with the click of a mouse.