Charcuterie Board Care Instructions

These cleaning and care instructions apply to all of our boards.

Congratulations on purchasing your new Renatus Living Charcuterie Board!  This is a great purchase and will become a lasting piece for your family. All of our boards are made from rock solid New England  grown hardwoods such as Walnut and Cherry.  With proper care,  there’s no reason your  board shouldn’t last for generations.

First of all, there is no use of a dishwasher.  As tough as these boards are, natural woods don’t like extreme heat and the board can warp and lose its finish. Dishwashers are convenient because you can save water by not washing a lot of dishes by hand, but let your board sit this one out.

Second, all you need to clean your board is a little warm water, dish soap and a sponge. It might have some dried bits of cheese or dips, but with a little extra effort and rubbing, it won’t hurt your board.  Oily treats like andu and roasted peppers can be swimming in oil and stain the board.  It’s fine to leave it alone because it adds character. 

Third, A few simple maintenance tasks can keep your board looking pristine and beautiful.  Rub a little bit of food-safe mineral oil or beeswax each time you wash the board.  Both can be found at your local hardware store.  Mineral oil is important because it repels water and impedes absorption.  Beeswax moisturizes the board and this natural substance is food safe and waterproof.  Regular use of beeswax will keep your cutting board looking like new.  Because beeswax is hard, it is difficult for wood to absorb it. 

Last but not Least, use and enjoy no matter how beautiful your board is, it is meant to be used, used, and used.  Everything Renatus Living sells is intended to be used, from planks to wooden utensils.  Use it, enjoy it, and make it part of your daily life.